Body Sense - In Focus

My name is Katie O'Donnell and I have been an accomplished massage therapist since April 2001. I am very pleased to share my passion and eager to apply the knowledge and extensive training I have received from working in a demanding medical office, as well as the relaxation experience learned from the spa trade. One of my singular priorities is to continue to further my education and achievement in the field of therapeutic massage, and nutritional supplementation. This empowers me to consistently meet the diverse needs of my clients, by customizing each massage therapy session to the specific individual and their recommended treatment and desired results.



I am currently working with other health professionals by implementing health and wellness solutions in their practice. We work in tandem by educating both the staff and the patients on the benefits of nutritional supplementation, and weight management strategies. Empowering the staff on the importance of the overall vision of the practice. Providing lifetime patient value, turning a patient care visit to a "wellness" care visit.


I look forward to helping make a positive change in your life.