"I wanted to do something people related," O'Donell said
of her career choice. "If what I do makes only one person
in the word feel good, then it's worth it."

She sees in excess of five Parkinson's patients on a
regular basis, as well as several patients with Multiple
Sclerosis. She said they're more comfortable with her
because her husband has the disease and they don't
feel as embarrassed by their tremors.

"That helps them more effectively receive the massage,"
O'Donnell said.

Everyone agrees that a massage can be
relaxing. But is it also an effective medical
treatment? Advocates claim massage
does everything from boosting immunity
to improving circulation, and a growing
number of mainstream doctors and
hospitals are embracing it for problems
ranging from back pain to cancer.

Empower yourself to relieve
stress! These six signs indicate
that you may be in need of a
theraputic message.

Katie O'Donnell utilizes a variety of
therapies at Body Sense therapeutic
massage center on Central Avenue in
Lancaster. O'Donell offers basic massage
therapy as well as massage for special
need patients.

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